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MTU Students Make a Difference at BHK

Posted October 30, 2023

What an incredibly productive day it was for the annual Make a Difference Day! The impact made by ten dedicated MTU students from Kappa Delta Psi was remarkable. These hardworking students undertook numerous projects from sanding to painting, from cleaning to moving furniture, tirelessly dedicating themselves to help us prepare to open an additional classroom. Their enthusiasm and positive attitudes were nothing short of inspiring.

We are deeply thankful that they chose our organization once again for Make a Difference Day. Their willingness to contribute their time and energy to BHK was a gift and we cannot express enough how grateful we are for their invaluable assistance.

These students exemplify the very essence of what Make a Difference Day is all about. They embody the spirit of giving, community, and selflessness, and we are fortunate to have had them as our partners in this endeavor. We look forward to the continued collaboration and to the positive impact we can create together.

The students from Kappa Delta Psi not only made a tangible impact on our facilities but their kindness will resonate with us for years to come.